German/Austrian Sling for a Jaeger Rifle, 19th c.

Decorated in petit point with a jaeger, flintlock guns, various animals: stag, boar, rabbit, fox etc. All within a leafy framework. A motto at the top roughly translates “What on earth is quite equal to a hunter’s joy”. Backed with green leather...more


Flintlock Tinder Lighter, late 17th c.

A most unusual tinder lighter. Italian, or perhaps Ferlach, due to the steel wire inlay, which is reminiscent of decoration on 17th century firearms from this region in Austria.  The iron rectangular shaped body, engraved with floral scrolls,  has a sliding cover to access the tinder...more


Persian Tile, late 18th-early 19th c.

Zanad  period to early Qajar period. Finely drawn and  brightly colored, depicting the hunter executing a "Parthian Shot"...



Rare Horn Box with Napoleonic Subject on the Lid, circa 1825

Rectangular box with hinged lid of greenish-brown horn. The lid with impressed decoration and inscription at the top "MARIE LOUISE ET SON FILS  AU CENOTAPHE DE NAPOLEON"…more