Rare Mughal Jade Powder Flask, India 17th c. 

Jade powder flasks are extremely rare.  This beautifully carved example is of unusual color,  exhibiting purplish-grey hues...more



Italian Cuir Bouilli Powder Flask circa 1570

Of leather (Cuir Bouilli), hemisphericaly shaped, the front deeply fluted, the ridges tooled with roping. In the upper part an oval shield surrounded by heart shaped devices, all within a border of laural leaves...more




Saxon Powder Flask circa 1600

Stained wood body of flattened rectangular section curved in an arc, fitted with blackened iron mounts. The front well carved in high relief…more  



Russian Powder Flask, 17th century

Hemispherical powder flask with Circasian burl-wood body and enameled mounts. This type of decoration is found on extremely rare 17th century Russian snaphaunce pistols, none of which are known to be in private hands...more



Musketeer's Powder Flask dated 1607

A profusely and well engraved cow horn flask, depicting an armored warrior with a spear about to have conflict with a helmeted wild man armed only with a club. Both figures are standing in a landscape with a beautifully rendered sun-in-splendor separating them...more