A Rare Pair Of North Italian (Brescian) Snaphaunce Pistols circa 1665


A beautiful pair of Brescian snaphaunce pistols of marvelous form and exceptional length, 16 1/4” barrels, retained by a screw from beneath, ribbed at the breech, becoming round for the remainder and with ringed muzzles,18 bore...more


Exceptional Pair of Scroll Butt (Ram’s Horn) Scottish All-Steel Flintlock Belt Pistols by Thomas Murdock of Doune and Leith, Circa 1770


Four stage 20 bore barrels with gold lined vents and with fluted breeches, trumpet octagonal muzzles, round mid-sections, and aside from the breeches, deeply engraved with bold, flowing foliate scrolls...more


Very Fine Pair of 14 Bore Silver-Mounted Holster Pistols by James Freeman, London, Circa 1715


With swamped three stage barrels each signed on the breech and engraved with a band of acanthus at the rear and with rear sighting groove in the border engraved tangs, signed border engraved rounded lock...more


Cased Pair of English Turn-Over Percussion Pistols by Durs Egg, circa 1830


A very fine pair of 9mm smooth-bore turn-over pistols, case hardened scroll engraved frames, case hardened barrels with London proof marks, blued drop down triggers, finely checkered walnut bag shaped butts...more



Exceptional Pair of Silesian Flintlock Pistols, circa 1680


Silesian pistols appear on the marketplace occasionally, but we can’t recall seeing a pair in this condition, form and quality of inlay.  Barrels retain much original bright-blued finish...more


A Fine and Unusual Bohemian Double Barrel Flintlock Holster Pistol circa 1740


A rare pistol by one of the best Bohemian gunsmiths, Leopoldt Becher.  Side by side barrels signed in gold, locks with internal frizzen springs, highly chiseled with a sea monster motif, full stock well carved with scrollwork...more



An Elegant and Rare Pair of Saxon Wheel-lock Pistols dated 1610


Made for the Bodyguard of Elector Christian II, the breeches bearing the initials of Georg Gessler, enclosing his poincon (Stockel #432), the domed gilt brass wheel covers engraved with birds within a foliate scroll surround...more



A Very Fine Pair of Neapolitan Miquelet Pistols circa 1790


Made in the Royal Armoury in Naples, this superb pair of pistols are among a group of weapons that where intended for aristocrats and/or high ranking military officers. Spanish form barrels...more



A  Very Rare Sardinian Miquelet Pistol, Dated 1818

A very rare pistol from the island of Sardinia.  Two stage octagonal to round brass barrel with a turned muzzle, the breech with longitudinal ribs with cross hatching between, as well as the tang.  Brass mounts... more


Pair of Silver Mounted Neapolitan Miquelet-Lock Pistols, circa 1770

Barrels of Spanish form, ribbed and silver inlaid at the breeches, turned and surmounted with a silver overlaid crown, then round to the slightly swamped muzzles.  Figured walnut stocks with horn fore-end caps…more  



Pair of Brescian Wheellock Pistols by Giovan Antonio Gavacciolo, circa 1640

Important pair of wheel-lock pistols by Giovan Antonio Gavacciolo, the pre-eminent  Brescian lock maker and iron chiseler of his time. Locks each struck on the inside with the maker's mark (Neue Stockel 427), with finely engraved and chiseled interior detail…more 




Pair of Queen Anne Flintlock Pistols by James Freeman, circa 1720

19 bore, silver mounted flintlock turn-off pistols, signed James Freeman, London. Four stage canon barrels, London proof marks and makers mark stamped under the trigger guard finial…more



German Percussion Belt Pistol, circa1840

Ebony stocked, German-silver mounted pistol. Browned octagonal .40 cal. rifled barrel, signed “Tanner in Hannover”. The rear sight with a vertical adjustment. Set trigger, belt hook and original ebony ramrod...more



Pair of Mortemore Flintlock Pistols, circa 1770

All brass mounts, barrels and locks. The two stage octagonal to round slightly swamped barrels of .62 cal. are signed Mortemore, London and are struck with both London and Tower Private Proofs, also stamped "WP" - most probably William Pratt - recorded 1773...more




Cased Pair of English Magazine Primed Dueling Pistols by Jover and Son, circa 1784

28 bore swamped re-browned octagonal barrels with gold oval signed Jover & Son, London. London proof marks and stamp of William Jover. Finely figured walnut half stocks…more




Pair of Italian Flintlock Pistols by Giovan Battista Zugno, third quarter 18th c.

A beautiful pair of Brescian silver mounted and burl wood stocked pistols. Signed: G.B. Zugno in three places: locks, barrels and trigger plates. Locks and barrels silver inlaid. Very fine quality cast  and chased mounts...more



Pair of Scottish Flintlock Pistols, third quarter 18th c. 

All brass pistols by Thomas Murdoch. 7 3/8" barrels  of 19 bore, bearing Birmingham proofs are octagonal at the breech -to round -to swamped octagonal muzzles. 12" overall. Thomas Murdoch is credited with being the creator of the lobe butt form of Scottish pistol...more



Pair of Flintlock Pistols by Willim Brander, circa 1760

An unusual and very rare pair of brass fixed cannon barrel pistols.  The barrels of circular section in three stages, molded girdles between, ending in a muzzle ring.  London proved and stamped with the mark of William Brander…more



Unusual Pair of 20 Bore  English Flintlock Turn-Off Pistols by Freeman, London, circa 1730

With three stage cannon barrels moulded at the muzzle, engraved separate tangs, rounded actions engraved with foliage, inscribed London on the breeches and signed beneath, stamped with London proof marks.  Cocks, actions and frizzens with engraved borders…more



Pair of Bohemian Wheellock Pistols by Hans Keiner, of Eger, circa 1670

Very fine pair of wheellock pistols stocked in richly figured burr wood.  Barrels, 24 bore, octagonal at the breeches, becoming sixteen- sided then round to the muzzles.  Signed Hanns Keiner on the top flat.  Engraved tangs, retained by a screw from beneath…more


Pair of English Flintlock Pocket Pistols by Brasher, circa 1815

A pair of fine quality boxlock pocket pistols by John Brasher, signed in gold ovals, frames engraved with martial trophies, combination sliding half cock safeties with locking pins for the frizzens, 30 bore, turn-off barrels with London proofs...more