Pair of Silver Mounted Neapolitan Miquelet-Lock Pistols, circa 1770

Barrels of Spanish form, ribbed and silver inlaid at the breeches, turned and surmounted with a silver overlaid crown, then round to the slightly swamped muzzles.  Figured walnut stocks with horn fore-end caps.  Silver mounts of unusually high quality, comprising long eared butts, decorated with reclining putti blowing horns, the caps with a cast and chased mask with protruding tongue.  Open strap work surrounding the barrel tangs, open side-plates, trigger guards engraved with scrollwork and female portrait busts within an oval frame, baluster turned ramrod pipes, original trumpet shaped iron rods.  Unique figure of a boy blowing a musical instrument in the place where one would normally see an escutcheon plate.  Locks lightly scroll engraved in keeping with the decoration on the mounts.  A most pleasing pair of pistols.

O.A.     24.4 cm.   9 5/8”

Bls.      14 cm.      5 1/2”     25 Bore


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