Pair of Swiss Flintlock Holster Pistols by David Dick in Bern, circa 1670-80

Stocks of burl maple finely inlaid with sheet silver depicting mythological figures, silver wire scrolls and full silver mounts. Locks chiseled with a martial motif with classical warriors and signed in raised letters within a shield “David Dick in Bern”. Barrels chiseled on the breeches with classically costumed trumpeters surrounding a shield with the motto in raised letters “Victoria et Gloria”. Barrel tangs chiseled with military trophies and double headed eagle within a shield. Silver trigger plates in the form of eagles, triggers and frizzen springs chiseled as serpents. original ramrods with ends chiseled with mounted horseman. Butt cups cast and chased with a faun. 

O.A.   20”

Barrels   13 3/8” of 22 bore.

Provenance: Martin Retting Collection

Overall excellent condition. One pistol showing slightly more use.