Pair of Mortemore Flintlock Pistols, circa 1770

All brass mounts, barrels and locks. The two stage octagonal to round slightly swamped barrels of .62 cal. are signed Mortemore, London and are struck with both London and Tower Private Proofs, also stamped "WP" - most probably William Pratt - recorded 1773, from the small gun office Tower of London. Signed stepped lock plates with safety bolts, border engraved, rollers on frizzen springs. Long eared butt caps engraved with martial trophies. Trigger guards engraved with a floral motif on the bow and terminate in acorn finials. Finely figured walnut full stocks carved with a shell behind the tangs. Vacant oval escutcheons. 16 1/2" overall with 10" barrels in excellent condition throughout. These handsome pistols are just the sort that would have been carried by a naval officer during the Revolutionary War.

Note:  Mortemore was a "Foreign" gunmaker allowed to prove guns by The Gunmakers Co.

Price: SOLD