Pair of Brasccian wheel-lock pistols by Giovan Antonio Gavacciolo, circa 1640


















Important pair of wheel-lock pistols by Giovan Antonio Gavacciolo, the pre-eminent  Brescian lock maker and iron chiseler of his time. Locks each struck on the inside with the makers mark (Neue Stockel 427), with finely engraved and chiseled interior detail. Figured walnut stocks inlaid with the finest and most delicate iron tracery. The later barrels were made expressly for these luxurious pistols in the third quarter of the 18th c. by Joseph Griffiin. Perhaps the owner wished to “modernize” these antique pistols as he thought the original barrels were too fragile for contemporary use. The stocks show no signs of alteration to accommodate the English barrels. The locks (for the garniture intended as a gift for King Louis XIII of France from the Venetian

Senate) compare favorably with these. See: “Art, Arms and Armour. An International Anthology”, edited by Robert Held 1979. My Marco Morin and Robert held “And His majesty said: all my guns together are not worth one of these”. pp.252-277.

O.A. 15 1/2”

Barrel 9 1/4” of 30 bore

Superb condition.