A Fine  North European Silver-Hilted Small Sword mid 18th c. 

Of diminutive  size, with slender hollow-triangular blade with gold inlaid scrollwork at the forte.  Silver hilt comprising double shell-guard with molded edge, single quillon, a pair of arms, knuckle-guard, ovoid pommel and silver grip… more



Venetian Falchion, circa 1600-1610

29" overall with a 22 1/2" long single edged wide blade with a clipped point. A single fuller on both sides for most of the length, stamped with eyebrow marks along the back edge. "Valencia" stamped several times within the fuller…more



Italian Swept-Hilted Rapier, Circa 1600

Hilt of russet iron studded with bossets bordered with gilded lines, grip covered with plain and braided iron wire between Turk’s heads, blade inscribed on obverse of the ricasso “SANDRI" and on reverse “SCACCHI”...more



German Two-Handed Sword, circa 1560

Broad double edged waved blade, inlaid in latten on one side with a running wolf mark, ricasso covered with in tooled leather and with two pointed downcurved side-lugs. The iron guard with ovoidal side-ring on each side, quillons with tightly scrolled terminals...more  


Venetian Schiavona Dagger, dated 1731

Silver-gilt hilt, engraved silver scabbard with gilt locket and chape. Pierced triangular blade. Small dome shaped side ring set with turquoise and decorated with filagree. Quillon block stamped with indecipherable marks. Dated 1731 on the scabbard...




Italian Swept Hilt Silver Encrusted Rapier, circa 1570

The hilt of flattened oval section comprising straight quillons, two outer rings, the top one joined by a curved bar to the knuckle-guard, the inner guard of three merging curved bars also rising to join the knuckle-guard. All outer surfaces including the barrel shaped pommel are silver encrusted...more


Italian Swept Hilt Rapier, last quarter 16th c.

Russet hilt, the pommel a somewhat flattened ovoid, bearing on each side a medallion on which is chiseled  a classic head in high relief. The ends of the straight quillons are similarly formed. Center and ends of knuckle guard, centers of the two rings and the pas d’ane also with medallions. The heads on the medallions are relieved by a gilt background...more 



Italian  Stiletto, circa 1650

Grip divided into upper and lower halves, separated by a drum shaped ornament made up of discs.  Pommel and quillon tips formed similarly.  Blade of diamond section…more



A Rare French Silver-Hilted Small-Sword,1783 Paris

With flattened hexagonal wavy blade, engraved on the forte with a stand of arms, a winged figure above and scrollwork, all with traces of gilding… more