Exceptional Pair of Silesian Flintlock Pistols, circa 1680

Silesian pistols appear on the marketplace occasionally, but we can’t recall seeing a pair in this condition, form and quality of inlay.  Barrels retain much original bright-blued finish with engraved and punch-work floral decoration, enhanced with gilded sections as is seen on wheel-lock tschinkes, stocks superbly inlaid in horn with figures of hounds and grotesque beasts amidst scrollwork, dots and mother-of-pearl roundels, all within strap-work borders, locks engraved with serpents amidst scroll-work, mounts, comprising trigger guards and long-eared butt-caps of gilded iron. 



Barrels:      12 1/4’        31.1 cm.       .50 cal.

O.A.           19”              48.3 cm.


Price:        $45,000-