An Italian Stone-bow, Tuscany, Late 16th c.

Slender steel bow chiseled along the top edge with a vine like pattern, retained by a pair of molded irons, fitted with a later string with bone spacers.  Hardwood tiller of characteristic form…



German Crossbow, first half 16th c.

With robust steel bow struck with a mark on the inner face. original cords. Hardwood tiller veneered with ebony, the upper and lower surfaces veneered with stag horn plaques finely engraved with scrollwork, an eagle, the date 1537 and the No. 6…more



Austrian Crossbow with Parquetry Decoration, second quarter 16th c.

With wooden tiller swelling towards the middle, inlaid with fanciful monsters, slightly hollowed at the cheek piece and veneered with white stag-horn, engraved with foliage along the top and the bottom. The border of the tiller inlaid on both sides…more



A  Fine English Bullet Crossbow by William Barker of Wigan, No. 523, circa 1765.

With slender steel bow retaining original old strings, built-in gaffle with foliate decoration and retained by a catch at the rear.  Signed floral engraved back-sight, sprung fore-sight, flat-sided walnut gun-stock with iron mounts, trigger guard with floral engraving, and serial numbered butt…more