Austrian Crossbow with Parquetry Decoration, second quarter 16th c.

Wooden tiller swelling towards the middle, inlaid with fanciful monsters, slightly hollowed at the cheek piece and veneered with white stag-horn, engraved with foliage along the top and the bottom. The border of the tiller inlaid on both sides, top and bottom in parquetry (an extremely rare type of decoration), as is the cheek piece and opposite side. The bow attached to the tiller by cords also carrying a small iron loop.The bow struck with a mark identified as being recorded in 1526 and belonging to "Bartholemu Bowmaker" from Judenburg, Austria (refer to "Waffen-und Kostumkunde", article "Die Identifizierung einer Bogenmarke" by Holger Richter. On the right side of the tiller a very rare feature, a sight, an iron ring with a vertical post (refer to "Waffen-und Kostumkunde"1979, article "Das Ambrust-Seitenvisier" by Von Egon Harmuth.

Tiller  24 1/2"

Bow  25"

Condition: Overall very fine, with the later bow string and attachment cords.

Provenance: Joe Kindig Collection

Price:  SOLD