Italian Cabasset circa 1580

Finely formed an decorated helmet attributed to Pompeo della Cesa the distinguished late XVI century armorer (recorded 1571 - 93), who had his workshop in the Castello Sforzesco, Milano.  One piece skull with integral brim...more  



An Important Miniature Armor For Man And Horse by E. Granger, Paris, 19th c.

Exceptional quality armor in mid 16th century style attributed to E. Granger, Paris, mid 19th century.  Accurately modeled and articulated throughout, comprising close helmet with pivoted "bellows" visor, bevor, breast- plate, tassets, back-plate, full arm defenses, including gauntlets and leg defenses with broad-toed sabatons and rowel spurs...more



Mace, Italian, mid 16th c. 

A finely formed seven flanged all-steel mace,  each swelling towards the tip and copper brazed to the hollow shaft, surmounted by a turned finial. The grip with interlaced strap work against a stippled ground terminating in a fluted ovoid pommel…more



Saxon Morion, last quarter 16th c.

Of one piece construction with rounded skull rising to a tall roped comb and with roped brim, the base of the skull  encircled by sixteen gilt-brass lion masks, each with a ring in its mouth, the cheek-pieces mounted en-suite…more



Italian Triple Combed Burgonet, circa 1545

Wrought in one piece, the scull with three fluted ridges, the peak embossed with a grotesque mask, the skull with the Farnese flour de lys and floral scroll mask on each side. Robed comb and borders…more



German "Black and White" Burgonet, third quarter 16th Century

With rounded one piece skull rising to a high roped medial comb, projecting forward to a broad obtusely- pointed peak, struck with an Augsburg control mark and an armorer's mark, and backwards at the nape to a rounded integral neck- guard and each side with a hinged cheek-piece flanged outwards… more