A  Very Rare Sardinian Miquelet Pistol, Dated 1818

A very rare pistol from the island of Sardinia.  Two stage octagonal to round brass barrel with a turned muzzle, the breech with longitudinal ribs with cross hatching between, as well as the tang.  Brass mounts, comprising long eared butt-tcap engraved with a floral motif within scrolls, brass trigger-guard with floral engraving, side-plate  with a mask, spine of grip covered with a pierced plate with a repousse’mask amidst foliage, forward of lock encased en-suite, long ramrod pipe slashed into eight baluster sections and containing the original iron ramrod with mushroomed tip and decorative spiral turnings.  Walnut stock stippled at the grip to imitate leather, fore-end longitudinally grooved. Border engraved lock, fan shaped frizzen, grooved in the Mediterranean fashion and dated 1818 on the pan cover.  Sardinian long arms are to be found in the marketplace, the pistols almost never.  This fine example is the first one we have had the pleasure to handle in a dozen or more years.  

O.A.    38 cm     15”

Bl.       25.4 cm  10"

Price:   $5,500-