A Very Fine Pair of Neapolitan Miquelet Pistols circa 1790


Made in the Royal Armoury in Naples, this superb pair of pistols are among a group of weapons that where intended for aristocrats and/or high ranking military officers. Spanish form barrels octagonal to round with an acanthus girdle between and retaining the gold stamps (Fabr. di Nap.) and with the crowned R above, exhibit virtually all of their original finish. Well figured walnut full-stocks with checkered grips and highly polished and engraved steel butt-caps, trigger guards and bat-wing side-plates. Finely engraved locks with pierced cocks, bridles and fronts of frizzens and gold indecipherable maker’s stamp.  The locks are essentially identical to Cat. No. 717,  Stibbert Museum; L.G. Boccia, Il Museo Stibbert, Plate 550.  These pistols are preserved in near new condition.

Barrels:  7 3/4’     14 Bore

O. A.      12 1/2’